The 2013 Year End Recap is here

Important Updates & Site News: April 18. Added Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton and North New Jersey areas. Plus CT Shorelines

March 24th. Added a bunch of Worcester County Non Comms and Manchester area AMs

February 03. Moved all the picture indexes to the WIKI

January 01st. Added the Year End Recap 2013

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The WAEB-FM antenna site.

The chance to get to a non broadcast related event in
Allentown, PA., allowed me to also get towers in a small
market i've been wanting to see for years. An easy market
to photograph and very scenic one as well. I will be back to
get transmitters someday! Also look for three small CT
Shoreline picture updates. I present to you the Allentown
-Bethlehem-Easton PA market. (And don't think for a second
I went through that large stretch of New Jersey without 
stopping along the way!!)

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