WTBR-FM 89.7A Pittsfield  
In 2018, the Taconic High School was scheduled to be razed for a new High School.
The city of Pittsfield decided they no longer wanted to run the radio station, and signed an
agreement with Pittsfield Community Television to operate WTBR-FM. PCTV hired
me to plan and engineer the transmitter site move, which we did in December.
WTBR-FM is awaiting a waiver from Sinclair in order to file a permit, and are running on a STA.
Pictured below is the STA facility.

Prior to the move in June, we had to remove the equipment from the roof of the old Taconic High School.

WTBR-FM's new facility is on top of the historic EAGLE building in downtown Pittsfield

An artistic and filtered shot showing the tower, antenna and roof.

For the STA, I specified this single bay Shively 6812-1B antenna.

The rooftop tower and antenna.

An antenna and the watch-birds, up close!

The sun makes the antenna look sharp!

A little wider view.

Allll the way down into the basement to the transmitter rack.

The transmitter, processing and other gear.

The transmitter up close. The Crown Ecreso FME-1000FS, sold through Broadcast Electronics. I specified this transmitter because of the cost,
built in RDS, and full functional remote control.

Prior to the demolition, required removing equipment from the high school roof.

The original (and quite dirty) rack in the machine room.

The machine room where the radio transmitters were.

The 6 bay Phelps Dodge antenna/

The tower looking up

Our good friend Steve Conti was able to get into the transmitter room, and shared these pictures with us!

A closeup of the rack. The WRRS-LP 104.3 transmitter is at the bottom.

The main and backup transmitters for WTBR-FM.

WTBR-FM & WRRS-LP located on the top of Taconic High School in Pittsfield
The 6 bay antenna
A closeup of the Phelps Dodge Bay