City of license Springfield
Channel 214B1
Frequency 90.7
File No. BLED-1562
Location (N-LAT) 42-6-32
Location (W-LON) 72-34-45
Location 1 Armory Sq.
STCC Campus
H-ERP 4000 watts
V-ERP 4000 watts
HAAT 28m
Antenna Type ERI 4 Bay
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information
WTCC's new ERI four bay half wave spaced antenna system.
A closer view of the new four bay antenna.
A view from the North side of the antenna.
A wider view of the tower and scibelli hall tower which this sits on top of.
WTCC's main on air studio.
WTCC's new production room.
The WTCC transmitter room at the top of Scibelli Hall
WTCC's new BE FMi 402
WTCC's monitoring and transmitter control racks
WTCC's auxiliary transmitter.
Looking directly up at WTCC's antenna
A closer view of the antenna.
A wider view of the tower and ERI antenna
Looking down at the front gate of STCC from the roof by the antenna.
The below pictures were taken in 2005 of the older Phelps Dodge antenna.

Lookint at the two top bays of the four bay antenna from the "green" below
The four bay Phelps Dodge (Look carefully to see the fourth bay at the bottom)
STCC's Scibelli Hall topped by WTCC. The date on the chimney is 1794