The World Trade Center Broadcast Engineer Page
dedicated to the individuals listed below.
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Missing Engineers...
(Click on the call sign to see the station's story about the missing men)

Bob Pattison WCBS Working on the 110th floor
Isaias Rivera WCBS Same as Bob Pattison above
William Steckman WNBC WA2ACW, Working on the 104th floor
Don DiFranco WABC Was working on the WABC transmitter, 110th floor.
Steven Jacobson WPIX N2SJ, Was on the 110th floor. Click here to see the N2SJ Tribute Page
Rod Coppola WNET KA2KET, Engineer who kept WNET up and running until the final collapse. Was also working on the 110th floor.

Bob Pattison, WCBS
Isaias Rivera, WCBS
Don DiFranco, WABC

Photo Courtesy WNET

Photo Courtesty of Michael Fenichel
William Steckman, 
Gerard "Rod" Coppola
Steven Jacobson


The Society of Broadcast Engineers has established a trust fund to assist the families of our fellow
engineers listed above. The donations will be collected through the ENNES trust arm of the SBE.
Make your check payable to "Ennes Education Foundation Trust Fund" and mail to:

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc.
9247 No. Meridian St., Suite 305
Indianapolis, IN 46260
Attn: Broadcast Engineer Relief Fund.

To read the message from Troy Pennington, President SBE... click here

This was the last image seen on WPIX's satellite feed the morning of the 
attack. The feed to WPIX's satellite transmitter was knocked out, and it 
froze the last image it saw. This image was held on WPIX until sometime 
afternoon on 9/11 when the satellite transmitter was finally shut off...

A personal note to the missing engineers:
To Isaias , Bob, William, Don, Steven, and Rod:

Wherever you are, I know you are reading this, and from one tv pro to another,  you guys are in my heart and prayers. I will not stop persuing my love of this industry in the living name of your spirit. We will make sure whoever did this injustice to you will pay for it.

May God bless you with wings.

Michael P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

    Written: September 11, 2001.