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Based on the latest information, I have provided descriptions below.

The DTV tower as seen in 2013. After the old 45 side mount antenna was moved down as standby.
The top space will be eventually occupied by WNYT

A closer view of the moved 45 antenna.

The whole TV tower.

Top mount two bay Panel antenna system for
WXXA-DT 7 Virtual 23
WNYT-DT 12 Virtual 13

The big UHF antenna below the top VHF system
WCWN-DT 43 Virtual 45
WTEN-DT 26 Virtual 10
WMHT-DT 34 Virtual 17

The sidemount former Analog site for WCWN, and current DT site for WCWN, however
WCWN has a CP to go to the top UHF. Moved down now as a standby.

WRGB-DT's panel.

WMHT-FM's new 5 bay FM,

The transmitter building. This is a classic picture! Can you figure out why?

The UHF combiner

The UHF Combiner

The VHF Combiner

WMHT-DT and old WRGB-DT standby antennas