The  WBZA (The "Original" WBZ!) Towers Page.
East Springfield, MA

A tribute to one of the most historic broadcast sites, which met its fate with modern development on November 05, 2011.

To see pictures of the site - pre demolition, click here (or scroll down)

Showing the long-wire setup for station W1Z, attached to the south tower.

The other end of the long-wire, attached to the north tower.

The WBZ truck was used as a place to operate W1Z with the generator.

Kurt Jackson, W1OBQ at the mic, operating station W1Z for one of the last pieces of RF to come off the towers.

Eric Mazur KA1SUN, Operating W1Z

A closer look at the W1Z attachment to the south tower, as well as some of the hardware used for the old AM antenna system

The towers as they stood less than an hour before history was made.

One of the tower guys on his way to the roof with the saw.

The last photo to ever be taken of the array before it met its fate

The harness tied to the winch which will pull down the towers.

Cutting the north tower for demolition.

The north tower now sadly lays across the rest of the property to be razed.

A closer look at the razed tower

A rare shot. The old site with only one tower standing.

At the base of the South Tower was the old Winch used for the original long wire system.

This site looks pretty sad without the towers , and a piece of American broadcast history gone.

The south tower, before the legs were cut off the roof.

Amazingly, the Winch withstood both the initial drop AND the second drop, without so much as a nick. They made things built to last back then.

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