WLW 700 Cincinnati

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The beautiful WLW tower in Mason, Ohio. (Taken at Sunset.)

The WLW sign on the side of the tower.

A view from outside the fence of the historical marker for WLW's tower.

A closer view of the Historical Marker.

Looking up the WLW tower from one of the guy anchors, taken in the morning.

Another view looking up the massive tower.

Looking up to get a feel for what the cross section looks like

Looking at the base insulator for WLW (the whole diamond comes down to this one point).

Looking at the bottom of the tower. (Using the zoom lens and a safe distance)

Inside the tuning house of the WLW tower

Another view inside.

An isocoupler on the bottom of the tower, which is needed for...

WFTK which is on the top of the tower.

A cool sunset shot of the whole transmitter site. The transmitter building on the left, the engineers house, where the
chief engineer lives, and of course the lit up diamond tower.

WLW's transmitter building

The house on the site of WLW where the engineer lives.

The old WWII watch tower, which is now used as an STL tower

The WLW cooling pond for the old transmitters..

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