City of license Waltham
Channel 261D
Frequency 100.1
File No. BMLED-19941020KD
Location (N-LAT) 42° 22' 9"
Location (W-LON) 71° 15' 8"
Location On the Rabb Graduate Center at Brandeis University
H-ERP 25 watts
V-ERP 25 watts
HAAT 46 meters
HRCAMSL 91 meters
HRCAGL 21 meters
Antenna Type Shively 6812-2 Bay (Top), 6812-2 Bay (Aux Bottom)
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information Scott Fybush's Alma Mader
Looking at the Rabb Graduate Center and roof mounted WBRS antenna system.
 A closeup view
 WBRS's main audio board.
 EAS & Auxiliary equipment.
 WBRS's primary transmitter (top) and backup transmitter (bottom).