WRCH 100.5 New Britain

The two tall towers in Farmington, CT., post repack. WRCH is on the taller Chase owned tower on the right

A semi closeup of the ERI panel.

A closeup of the panel.

The tall Candelabra tower on Rattlesnake where WRCH is side mounted.

A good shot of the new ERI panel for WRCH.

A better shot

A wider shot of it on the tower

Entercom has this aux on the Chase tower for the FMs.

A closer shot of the aux.

Entercom also maintains an aux for their three stations on the WTIC-FM tower. Seen Here.

The 2 bay AUX antenna.

A 2019 shot of the backup antenna on the 910 array.

WRCH's old aux on the 910 towers.

100.5's on air studio

The 100.5 tech room.


WRCH on the WTIC-TV tower.
A closer view of the antenna.
A closeup view of the antenna.
WRCH's backup antenna at the WLAT site behind the CSB.
WRCH's four bay ERI backup
WRCH's backup Collins 830 FM transmitter.
2014 Update. This has been removed and given to the CT Radio Museum.
A closer look at the control/meter panel of the cool Collins 830