WHYA 101.1 Mashpee

In 2013, with the sale of 101.1 to CodComm, the station was moved to the Channel 58 (SBA) tower in Barnstable
and combined with 102.9, which itself went through an upgrade from an A to a B1 facility.

The WDPX tower, as seen in 2013 with 101.1/102.9 & 99.9 side mounted

A closer view of the top half

The whole tower from a different angle

The 101.1/102.9 combined antenna system.

A closer view of the Shively 6014 panel antenna system

Another view of the Panel

A little wider view.

Below are pics of the original location of this station.

WFRQ's tower in Mashpee.

WFRQ's antenna closeup.