W266AW 101.1 North Adams, MA.
Translator for WFCR Amherst.

In March 2014, following some bad weather, the cell tower
collapsed, taking down the WUPE-FM tower with it.
W266AW ran off a temporary comet antenna while the main tower was rebuilt.
After the site was cleaned up, a new, single tower was
constructed to hold the equipment of both towers, and W266AW went to one of the new
emergency antennas installed for the primary stations.

Looking up the tower, transmitter building, and the emergency antennas on the left. As I understand it, one of
those two bays are now the 101.1 translator for WFCR.

A closer view of the emergency antennas installed for the collapse, one of which is now used by W266AW.

The temporary post collapse setup...

The temporary comet antenna installed for W266AW while the main towers were rebuilt.

Older pictures below.

Inside & Sunny Pictures courtesy Charles Dube, C.E. WFCR

W266AW's single bay translator antenna.

The transmit & receive antennas.

The transmitter rack.

A closeup view of the antenna.