WWBB 101.5 Providence, RI

In 2014, WWBB was downgraded from a 13.5KW DA-B to a 6KW DA-A from downtown Providence.
The installation is complete, and here are pictures of it on top of Hospital Trust

Update In 2015, due to rooftop RFR issues, the antenna was replaced with a two bay higher up.

The two bay and some odd directional hardware

Another wider view,

Compared to the photos below, you can see how much higher this is.

Another view. I got this picture quickly. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it was fuzzy until I processed it.

Older pictures below

Looking at a TV Skycam, microwave dish and 101.5 single bay ERI

A close view of the new install.

A closer shot

And a wide shot of the building.

101.5 also installed a new Aux on the WHJY tower.

94.1 in 2015, with the new 101.5 aux mounted on it.

3 FMs, 1 AM. 94.1/95.5/101.5 (aux) and 1110 AM! Located at these towers in East Providence

A different view of the two tower array for 1110.

101.5's new aux DA antenna

A little wider view.

A different angle.

Another picture from that angle.

The WHJY's former digital transmitter, now used the aux transmitter for 101.5

Older pictures of the Rehoboth installation below.


A view of the WWBB main antenna from the nearby WJAR site.

A view of the 4 bay standby.

WWBB's primary two bay directional antenna.

WWBB's four bay backup antenna.

The WNAC-WWBB tower.

WWBB's primary antenna.

WWBB's auxiliary antenna.

A view from the new path of the entire tower. (The tower is not bent, this is due to lens distortion.

The top mount UHF 64, Side mount UHF 54 and FM101.5

A better view of the WNAC-DT and WWBB antennas

A view of the top half of the tower.

The WWBB standby antenna.

WWBB's STL/Processing gear and digital transmitter.

WWBB's analog transmitter.

A closer view of the control cabinet.

The backup transmitter.

WWBB's control room.

The Clear Channel audio racks.