WBWL 101.7 Lynn

In 2016 as part of a major three station move, that involved downgrading 101.5 in Providence, and 101.9 in Falmouth,
101.7 relocated to their old tower in Malden. The old site now is donned with an ERI 2 bay, and a B1 signal.

The long time home of 101.7 in Malden now has two FM translators on it. 98.1 and 105.3!

Looking up, you can see 105.3 on the left, and 98.1 on the right.

Another, better shot of the top half.

101.7's ERI SHPX-2AE antenna, closeup!

Another view of the ERI.

And a closer shot of it!

101.7's  antenna when it was still brand new.

The infamous ICE tower in Malden.

The 101.7 antenna, a wider shot.

Thanks to some 2018 work, I was able to access the roof of the building and get better pictures of the One Financial Aux..

The rooftop. WERS on the front tower, 101.7 top of the rear, 95.3 bottom of it.

A wider shot of 101.7 top, and 95.3 below.

A digital closeup of the 101.7 antenna.

Another angle.

The transmitter room now has two transmitters in it.

A closeup of transmitter #2

And of transmitter #1

Below are pictures of the previous setup. The One Financial site is licensed as an aux site.

A new closeup shot of the 101.7 antenna. (Oct 2013)

A little wider, high res. shot of the masts (Oct 2013)

A closer, but from behind view, of the 101.7 antenna

The right hand mast with WHRB below it

On August 29, 2005, 101.7 was granted a construction permit to move to the One Financial Center
towers. The newer antenna is mounted in place as seen from the pictures below from right after it was

Pictures of the Malden site and the studios are below

101.7 is on the right hand tower, above the WHRB antenna (out of frame, masked by the roof line)
(The four bay Shively on the left is WERS)

Another view

You can clearly see the directional paristics in this picture.

101.7's new transmitter ready to go online.

101.7's new transmitter area.

Below are pictures of the current Malden site...

A door on the transmitter building.

Another view of the transmitter building.

The old 101.7 tower.

101.7's shively antenna with De-Icers.

101.7's Malden transmitter. A BE FM 3.5A

101.7's provessing rack.

And now the former WFNX studios...

WFNX's STL dish in Lynn

WFNX's "equipment room"

Another view of the equipment.

WFNX's main studio and a DJ who's name I have forgotten.

Looking at the board.

The WFNX wall in the green room signed by all the people who's been guests in the WHBA studios...

The main enterance to the WFNX lobby.