WCIB 101.9 Falmouth

In 2014, WCIB's signal was downgraded from 50KW ND to 13KW Directional. The
1992 vintage 8 bay antenna was replaced with a 2 bay antenna. 
Update  In 2015, the 2 bay was replaced with an 8 bay, and the power slightly downgraded to 12kW

The third antenna. The Log Periodic antennas below it are for W300BE.

A wide view of the whole tower.

A new look at the whole tower.

Another view of the new top antennas.

A little wider view.

Below are the two bay and old eight bay pictures

The 101.9 tower, the tallest radio tower on Cape Cod.

A closeup, looking up at the new antenna

A wider shot of the tower section where the 8 bay used to be.

Looking at the tower from a nearby parking lot.

The two bay , a better view of the spacing

A wider view, you can see the tower section better where the old 8 bay used to live

Older pictures of the 50KW install below...


WCIB's very tall tower (visible from parts of Martha's Vineyard)

WCIB's 8 bay half-wave spaced antenna.

The antenna closeup.

A closeup of the antenna!.

WCIB's main transmitter.

WCIB's main TX, another view

WCIB's Auxiliary transmitter.

WCIB's studio.