WKLB 102.5B Waltham

WKLB's main antenna is on the Cedar Street tower.  
They maintain a backup on the Chesnut Street tower, known
unofficially as "FM128" or the "Sconnix Tower"

A little wider shot.

A 2020 closeup shot of the antenna.

Another shot of it.

The transmitter "row" at Cedar Street.

Who's that?  Our good friend Steve "Troll" Conti , who is now in Boston, gave us the amazing tour!
This is one of the two primary analog transmitters.

Looking at the other analog transmitter and HD transmitters far end

A closer view of the HD transmitters.

And of the transmitter.


A new closeup of the FM antenna

Another shot.
On FM 128, they main a full power aux backup

A 2016 view of the tower.

A better view of the FM master antenna.

A closeup of the master antenna. An ERI COG-1084-2CP


The aux transmitter.

And the Aux equipment racks.