WEQX 102.7 Manchester

In December 2015, WEQX's top mounted pole, and antenna snapped off the tower in a wind storm.
A single bay emergency antenna was erected and in 2016, a new pole and antenna were installed.
Here are pictures of both.

WEQX's tower with the new antenna/pole on top.

Not much different but I thought the shot was scenic enough to include here.

Looking up the tower from the bottom.

A closeup of the antenna.

A wider view of the top.

A closer view.

The standby antenna that was put up after the initial fall.

Older pictures below...

New pictures taken since the new visitor's center was built.

A view of the whole tower with a better camera

A new closeup of the antenna

A little wider view of the antenna

A view of the visitor's center and the WEQX tower behind it.


WEQX's two bay antenna
WEQX's tall tower.
WEQX compound. The single bay on the building was WVTQ 95.1, which has since relocated to a
nearby radar tower, after the hotel was demolished.
Another view of the antenna
 The tower on equinox, image courtesy Paul Thurst
 Where the old Sky Line Inn used to sit. Picture Courtesy Paul Thurst