WPXC 102.9 Hyannis

In 2013, with the sale of 102.9 to CodComm, the station went through an upgrade from an A to a B1 facility and
was combined with sister station WHYA 101.1.


The WDPX tower, as seen in 2013 with 101.1/102.9 & 99.9 side mounted

A closer view of the top half

The whole tower from a different angle

The 101.1/102.9 combined antenna system.

A closer view of the Shively 6014 panel antenna system

Another view of the Panel

A little wider view.

Below are pics of the original location of this station.

The tower with WDPX-TV top, and WPXC side.

Closeup of the two antennas, WDPX top and WPXC's Shively Panel side.

WPXC's panel antenna.

Another view.

The WDPX tower where WPXC resides.

The TX building.

-OLD Pictures Below-

See the brown squares below the
antennas sticking out. Thats the WPXC antenna.

View of the WPXC/WDPX-58/WQRC 99.9 tower