City of license Boston
Frequency (KHZ) 1030
File No. BL-19790525AI
Location (N-LAT) 42-16-44
Location (W-LON) 70-52-34
Location Hull
Pattern DA-1
Unlimited ERP 50 kW
Unlimited Towers 2
Other Information
WBZ's tall towers across the bay from Boston.
A wider shot of the towers.
WBZ's transmitter building (it looks like a house).
A look at one of the doghouses
The tower tower base & doghouse

The view of Boston from the WBZ transmitter site.

The WBZ newsroom
One of the WBZ "on air" rooms
WBZ Radio Master Control.
WBZ audio processing equipment
WBZ Radio patching and other technical equipment
WBZ maintains this Harris DX10 as a standby to the Hull site should it ever fail
WBZ's backup tower
next to the studios