WODS 103.3 Boston
This station also has an aux on the Candelabra  too.
See the AUX antenna , combiners on the page. 

A view of the tower.

A closer view of the master antenna.

Closeup of the antenna.

Older pictures below

WODS is now combined into this antenna with 94.5 and 98.5
It also serves as an aux for 92.9, 96.9, 102.5, 105.7, 106.7 and 107.9


A wider view of the ERI cog antenna.

WODS's former primary (top four bays), and now Aux.
Two bay below it is unused.

 A wider view of the FM antennas.

 The entire tower view.

 The top mount mast (the old channel 5 mast).

A closer view of the antenna.

 WODS antenna from a different view.

103.3's aux transmitter racks

103.3's aux transmitter

103.3's aux transmitter screen up close

The new 4 station CBS FM Aux antenna on the Candleabra

A closer view of the new aux