W279BQ 103.7 Boston
(Translator for WWRN)

In early 2016, W279BQ moved to the top of the John Hancock tower in Boston

A view of the "John Hancock Tower", now officially "200 Clarendon".

A closer view of the broadcast tenants up there.

Here's an ID of them for you.

A newer, clearer shot of the translator antenna.

Another angle.

Transmitter and receiver located in the John Hancock tower.

The 103.7 antenna on the John Hancock Tower

The "200 Clarendon" tower, with 103.7 on the right side.

A wider shot.

Older Pictures Below.

Yes, 103.7 is mounted here. Can you see where?

Yes, it's mounted to the wooden pole of the driving range net.

The receive antenna aimed at Derry, NH.