WVEI-FM 103.7 Westerly, RI

In 2015, WVEI installed a new aux antenna on the tower. It's 
antenna with a big history at NECRAT as well!

The tower in Exeter... and what is that...

It's an old friend to NECRAT. That is the old WAAF tower from Asnebumskit Hill in Paxton.
The KEGs are back! (The bottom one clearly been replaced!). The antenna now being
used as an aux for WVEI-FM!!!

A nice sharp view of the main 5 bay Shively 6810-5D-SS

The 103.7 and 99.7 antennas/

All three antennas on one tower.

Older, gloomier pictures below

The WVEI/WEAN American Tower tower in Exeter.

A closeup view of the WVEI five bay antenna.

The site of the old WVEI-FM backup in West Greenwich

The old transmitter building.