WRRS-LP 104.3 Pittsfield

In 2019, WRRS-LP was moved to a new location on the roof of the "Clock Tower" building on S. Church St in Pittsfield,
as a result of the demolition of the Taconic High School. I was hired to do the installation of the transmitter in the building and can share
these pictures with you.

WRRS-LP on the roof.

Closeup of the antenna. Note only the single top bay is being used.

The studios across the street.

The transmitter rack that I installed.

Prior to the move in June, we had to remove the equipment from the roof of the old Taconic High School.

The original (and quite dirty) rack in the machine room.

The machine room where the radio transmitters were.

The tower looking up

The Armstrong FMA-707 antenna

Older pictures below.
Our good friend Steve Conti was able to get into the transmitter room, and shared these pictures with us!

A closeup of the rack. The WRRS-LP 104.3 transmitter is at the bottom.
The WTBR/WRRS-LP tower on the roof of Taconic High School in Pittsfield
WRRS-LP's 2 bay antenna