WSPK 104.7 Poughkeepsie

In the fall of 2010, WSPK replaced the primary antenna, hung it lower as an aux antenna.
They also removed the microwave "paddles".

In 2013, I was able to return up to Mount Beacon and get some really beautiful shots of the facility.

104.7's newer antenna

A side view of the new antenna

The old antenna

Another shot of the old antenna

The whole 104.7 tower

Mount Beacon as seen on this day.

Below are pictures from a cloudy day in June 2011

WSPK's new 4 bay antenna.

WSPK's old primary, now hung as an aux.

A side view of the two antennas

WSPK's aux antenna, now lower on the tower.

WSPK's new antenna.

Beacon with the new FM antennas.

Another view of Mt. Beacon.

Below are pictures of the old configuration, taken in June 2010....

WSPK's 4 bay Shively on Mt Beacon

Looking up the tower with WSPK on the side of it.

Looking up at the antenna.

A closer view of the antenna.

Looking at WSPK's antenna from the side.

The very impressive Mt Beacon transmitter site.