WIHS 104.9 Middletown

The WIHS production studio, looking into the main studio, while it was on the air.

The main on air studio complete with console with knobs!

A newer picture of the tower with the additional 50 feet on top for the STL

The obligatory closeup of the antenna.

The transmitter racks at WIHS

The new primary Harris FAX 3.5K (Flexiva)

The backup (and former main) Harris HT-5

Outside the studios

Engineer extraordinaire Willie Barnett was our host for the day, giving the very in-depth tour of WIHS.

An unseen view here on NECRAT before, looking up at the WIHS tower from the studios.

A closer view

Thr primary STL and audio compression in the studios.

Now remember the old, classic Ring Stub antenna that was so famous to us local tower hunters?  It's still here
now badly overgrown...

You can see the vegatation overcoming it.

And the old transmitter box, still sitting there...

Here's the transmitter that actually sat in that box!! In storage at the studios!.


A view of the entire WIHS compound
 WIHS's antenna.
 A wider view of the tower.
 A view of the transmitter buildings.
 WIHS's studio building on Rte 17.
 The transmitter site widely thought as WIHS's current one, however, it has been abandoned for ages now.
WIHS's old 3 bay horizontal ring antenna.