WQOM 1060 Natick

A different angle shot!

  The 890/1060 site, newer picture.

1060's 5 tower site in Ashland combined with 890
At the bottom of tower #3
Looking up tower #3, all 540 feet of it.
1060's Nautel transmitter

The 1060 phasor
The 1060 tuning network .
The combining network for 890 and 1060.

Until 2011, WQOM was combined into the array with 1200 and 650. They opreated
night authority from the 890 site in Ashland. In 2011, 890 became their primary
site full time.

One of the two towers used at 1060 daytime
The other tower used for 1060 daytime
WBIX is using this Harris MW50 which came from WRKO.
Another shot of the 1060 transmitter