WCOD 106.1 Hyannis

In 2011 96.3 & 106.1 both added aux antennas. These pictures show the new antennas.

It looks like a 14 bay antenna. What it actually is, 106.1 5 bay primary top, 2 bay aux below, 96.3 6 bay primary,
followed by 96.3 1 bay backup.

The tower with the current configuration

Another view of the antennas.

The transmitter building from high above.

The 106.1 primary antenna

The 106.1 backup antenna (with two different colored radomes!!)

And both antennas...

Older Pictures Below.


The new WEII-WCOD tower in Dennis.

A look at the top half of the new tower. WCOD on top, WEII below.

The new tower location with respect to the transmitter building.

The new WCOD antenna.

WCOD's transmitter shack.

WCOD's BE FM-30T transmitter.

WCOD's studios.

04/04/2008: WCOD's primary antenna took a direct lightning hit
causing severe damage. The antenna had to be removed, and a standby
antenna was installed on the old. On the tower which the standby sits, the old
tower will be removed, and a new tower will be erected that is going to hold
both WCOD and WRZE.

WCOD's tower with the standby antenna.

WCOD's standby antenna.

The transmitter as it was while on the standby antenna.


WCOD's former backup transmitter & former stl gear.

WCOD's old tower.

WCOD's old 5 bay Shively antenna.

WCOD's STL dish and backup antenna (not connected)

WCOD's old old antenna.

Another view.