WISX 106.1 Philadelphia

The Wyndmoor tower, where 106.1 and 97.5 both call home.

The two FMs are here at the top. 106.1 has a main and aux, and 97.5 has the two bay panel.

106.1's 3 bay Shively 6810 primary.

And the single bay AUX/HD antenna.

106.1 also maintains an aux with sister stations 98.9 and 102.1

The 5 bay Shively 6014 Aux antenna for 98.9, 102.1 and 106.1

Another view of the aux

The tower farm with KYW-TV and WPVI-TV on the left. The 98.9, 102.1 and 106.1 aux tower is on the right.

Another view. The FM tower is in the center.