WCTL 106.3A Erie

Look familiar?  It's the old WSEE-TV tower. Due to some changes in tower leases, WICU-TV and WSEE-TV
moved from their old tower here, as WSEE-TV repacked. The move gave them a chance to build a new top shelf
broadcast facility.  Also now on this tower is 106.3 which moved from much farther south onto this tower.

Looking at the top infastructure. The UHF WSEE-TV antenna on top, WICU-TV below it (hard to see here), a side mount
UHF, 106.3's panel, the 105.9 translator, and much farther down is the 98.7 translator (right)

A closer look at the top half.

106.3 uses this SWR panel antenna.

A clear view of the panel antenna. (105.9 is the Nicom right below it)

Thanks to Scott Fybush for remembering to get a shot of the exterior of the building when I forgot! Newly painted and cleaned up nice!

The 105.9 (left) and 106.3 transmitters.

Closeup of the 106.3