WFHN 107.1A Fairhaven

A 2019 better shot of the tower!

A close view of the antenna.


Looking at the top half

2007 pictures below

The SBA tower which has WFHN on top. (A lousy picture, sorry).

WFHN's antenna closeup.

A slightly wider view of the antenna.

Another distant view of the top mount configuration.

An older but good quality photo of WFHN's Shively antenna.

WFHN's STL & Processing gear.

WFHN's new primary Harris Z12CD+ HD/Analog transmitter.

WFHN's old, and soon to be backup transmitter.

WFHN's main on air room.

2001 pictures.

WFHN's what used to be old but is the new site.

Another view of the "strobed" tower in New Bedford.

WFHN antenna located at UMass in North Dartmouth, MA.
(Also is WSMU's Umass Dartmouth's)

Top antenna is WFHN's
Bottom is WSMU's.