WKVB 107.3 Westborough
(To see images of the new boosters, click here.)

At 1,350, this is the tallest tower in the Commonwealth. Seen for many many years, thanks to Bob Kerrigan,
I was able to finally make it up here and see the site.

Thanks to my newer camera, a better, clearer shot of the old WAAF antenna

Another angle, you can see the two bays were split fed.

And closup!

WKVB on the 27 tower in Boylston, MA

Looking up the tower, can you see WKVB?

The transmitter compound

WKVB's new antenna on the former 27 tower in Boylston.
Looking up the 27 tower towards the WKVB  antenna
A view from a nearby church of the new antenna system.

WKVB's antenna side mounted on the former 27 tower.
WKVB's antenna, another view.
WKVB's antenna, each bay is fed seperately.
Another side view.
WKVB's former main on air studio.
Some of the equipment racks in the former WKVB studio.
WKVB's former transmitter remote, EAS unit, and profanity delays.
The tech racks inside Entercom Boston.

WKVB's aux on Asnebumkit Hill in Paxton

The new 3 bay DA aux antenna

A closeup view of the new three bay.

Another more frontal view.

The whole Paxton tower with the new three bay.

Another view of the new "keg-less" tower.

Below are pictures of the old WAAF antenna on Asnebumkit Hill in Paxton.

Looking up the WAAF Hampden Communications tower.
A closeup of the WAAF antenna system.



WAAF's antenna taken in 1999.

WAAF's old ERI antenna on the original channel 14 antenna

The view of Asnebumskit Hill from the old long lines tower, with WAAF's "new" antenna left, and old one right. Missing is WYDN channel 48. (From the "goal post" silver tower)