City of license Brattleboro, VT
Channel 299L1
Frequency 107.7
File No. BLL-20060828AAA
Location (N-LAT) 42° 51' 9"
Location (W-LON) 72° 33' 33"
Location Main St near Elliot St
Brattleboro Center
H-ERP 100 watts
V-ERP 100 watts
HAAT -76.07 meters
HRCAMSL 111 meters
HRCAGL 24 meters
Antenna Type NIC BKG-77
Directional No
Tilt No
Other Information
WVEW-LP's single bay on the top of a block in downtown Brattleboro.
 A closeup of the top of the tower.
 Looking up at the shaft topped by the WVEW-LP Antenna.
 Another view looking up the tower.
 Another closeup of the antenna system.