WLEY-FM 107.9 Aurora, IL

WLEY-FM transmits from the legendary WMAQ (now WSCR) 670 site in Chicago.
The site also now has WBBM 780.

The legendary WMAQ 670 transmitter site. Calls were changed to WSCR in 2000, and WBBM was added in 2019.
107.9 is on the main tower.

The 750 foot over guyed primary tower

Looking up the tall main tower from inside the "compound"

The buildings used for the tower, including the combiner/ATU and former ATU, which still has a bunch of RF gear in it.

The ATU coils for lighting, and FM isocouplers for the 107.9 antenna.

107.9's primary ERI directional antenna.

A closer shot of the antenna.

107.9 also has a backup on the Oakbrook Office Tower in nearby Oakbrook, IL

The 93.5, 94.3 and 107.9 (backup) antennas on the Oakbrook Office Tower, Oakbrook IL

93.5 - 94.3 are combined into the 3 bay on the left.  107.9's backup is on the right.

A closer shot of the 3 bay aux.

And a closeup!