WPPZ-FM 107.9 Pennsauken, NJ

One Liberty Place, with the spire on top, that has 93.3 and 107.9

Another view. You can clearly see the 93.3 antenna (two bay), and the old Alford antenna, used by 107.9 as an aux.
What is hard to see here is 107.9's primary...

Look carefully below the beacon to see it. It's a single bay,

A little closer

Very close up. You can clearly see the odd FM bay there.

BELOW are shots of the Candleabra in Roxborough Farm where 107.9 maintains a backup shared with 103.9.

The very tall American Tower Candelabra tower on Domino Lane in Roxborough.
Home to 7 TVs, 4 FMs, a number of Auxes and LPTVs.

A wider view. Note the side mounted FM master, and the WRTI up top.
The single bay aux for 107.9 is cut off in this picture...

103.9 and 107.9 share this combined aux Shively single bay antenna on the Candelabra tower.