WEBE 107.9 Westport

A nice , sunny, high res shot.

The 107.9 antenna closer up.

A little wider shot.

Older shots below.

The "antenna structure" holding WEBE 107.9

A closeup of the famous 6 bay "Smoke Stack Shively"

WEBE's backup 2 bay antenna, further down the "tower stack".

Another view of both the primary & backup antennas.

A closer view of the top of the smoke stack.

A good close up of the main antenna.

A view of the smokestack from the transmitter building at the Bridgeport Electric plant.

WEBE's transmitter building.

WEBE's analog transmitter 1.

WEBE's analog transmitter 2.

WEBE's Harris Z16HD HD transmitter.

The equipment racks.

WEBE's air studio.