WTIC 1080 Hartford

A picturesque shot of the 1080 array.

Another newer shot of the 1080 array.


WTIC's two tower array 
Looking up the West tower.
Looking at the
East Tower
Looking at the bottom of the WTIC West Tower (From a safe distance). Notice the spark gaps for lightning protection, and isolation 
transformers on the other side.
Looking back at the WTIC plant from the bottom of the West Tower 
The right tower topped with WFSB-TV/DT can also
be a "hot" tower for WTIC AM as a backup tower
using the Gates Five transmitter (Seen below)
At the bottom of the TV tower. Notice the large base insulator isolating the tower from the ground.
The grand WTIC transmission building/facility. Complete with radiation cellar which houses a backup studio. 
The two tuning coils in the dog house for the West Tower. Again this picture taken at a safe distance.
Looking at the outside of the "doghouse" for the West Tower.
WTIC AM Phasing unit.
WTIC's Auxiliary Continental 317C model transmitter.
WTIC's Audio Processing equipment
WTIC's Primary TX (A Harris DX50) 
That's 50,000 watts of WTIC power!
The 5kW Backup transmitter that feeds the self supporting tower (The TV tower)

WTIC's former chief engineer Jeff Hugabone showing off the new Fallout Shelter studio. 
(I could make a joke about that being Jeff's biggest fan, but I won't!)
WTIC's emergency backup board and automation screen to the right.
The rack of equipment in the emergency studio
The MIC with Flag at the new emergency studio.

When WTIC 1080 had the old Westinghouse transmitter, it required extensive cooling, and
used this old wooden water tank to cool it.


WTIC 1080 Master Control

The WTIC tech area, front racks

WTIC tech area, middle racks,

WTIC tech area, rear racks.