City of license Norwell
Channel 10
Frequency 192 - 198 MHz
Location (N-LAT) 42-00-38
Location (W-LON) 71-02-42
Location Pleasant St, 
W Bridgewater
ERP 11.9kW
Polarization Horiz
HAAT 142 m
HRCAMSL 173.5 m
Antenna Type DIE THV-5A10-R-O4
Directional No
Other Information

WWDP's new channel 10 digital antenna.
The top half of the WWDP tower.
The whole WWDP tower.

WWDP's interim channel 52 transmitter.
WWDP's technical racks
WWDP's new channel 10 transmitter.

WWDP-DT's interim "52" Dielectric TFU-30GTH-R-O4 antenna
WWDP's analog side mounted antenna.
WWDP's analog antenna closerup.
A wider tower view.
The WWDP transmitter building,  also in West Bridgewater.