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Non Repack 10
New Haven, CT

A newer look at the tower.

The former analog (top) and digital panel (below)

A closeup of the analog on top.

And of the directional digital.

WCTX's old antenna.

2006 and older pictures below...

Looking up WTNH's tall tower.

WTNH Analog (Helical top), and DTV (Panel lower).

Looking towards the top of the tower.

Another view looking at the top of the WTNH tower.

Looking at the WTNH tower from the nearby road.

Another view of the stacked antenna system.

A picture taken in 2002 of the then brand new WTNH-TV tower.
The 770 foot tower contains a 140 foot mast on top for WTNH.

Here you can see the old tower laying in sections on the access road.