City of license Pittsfield
Frequency (KHZ) 1110
File No. BL-19850805AA
Location (N-LAT) 42-26-22
Location (W-LON) 73-17-30
Location West Housatonic St Pittsfield
Pattern DAD (Daytime only)
Daytime ERP 5000 w
Daytime Towers 2
Nighttime ERP None
Nighttime TOWERS
Critical Hours ERP
Other Information
At the bottom of one of the two towers, and the transmitter building,
This is the 2nd tower that was added when WUPE went to 5kW DA-D
from 1kW ND-D
Another decent sized building on the property. Unknown on the original use. It may have been the original
transmitter building. It is not far from the original tower on the property. The painted tower is the original
tower from the non directional days.
WUPE's two towers (One painted, one not), and if you look carefully to the right you can see the
two WBEC am towers
The two towers as seen from West Housatonic St.
The WUPE studios (With WUPE-FM, and WBEC AM)

1110's main Harris SX5 transmitter.

The audio processing and tech rack

The antenna phasing system

The standby Gates BC1G transmitter.

A closeup of the meters. Engineer and tour guide Paul Thurst was gracious enough to turn it on for yours truly.