WWLP D-11 V 22 Springfield, MA.

A closeup of the Digital 11 antenna.

A closeup of the UHF 22 antenna.

Looking up the 475' Stainless tower

The top half of the tower.

Older pictures below. (Captions updated 12/28/2011)


WWLP's tower as seen from WAL-MART in Westfield
The entire 500+ foot tower to the right, the bottom half of the old tower to the left, topped with
the doppler radar.
Top of tower and antenna

Microwave dishes 
WWLP Transmitter building and former studios.

Various STL and Microwave Relay equipment.
WWLP-DT's Digital channel 11solid state transmitter. The devices with the black handles on 
the bottom are the solid state amplifiers. Looking down the hall towards the Microwave Racks
(Seen above)
WWLP's Analog transmitter. Looking at the control/exciter cabinet, and two of the four IOT tube cabinets.
The old entrance to the station (now used as a well secured & police patrolled transmitter site)
Looking up at the tower from one of the guy wires