WSTL 1220 Providence.
W229AN 93.7 Providence
W235CN 94.9 Providence

In 2019, the 93.7 translator was mounted to the AM tower. Here are pictures of that change.

Another shot of the tower with the new FM translator on it, from across the bay.

Older pictures below

WSTL's tower in the river between Providence and East Providence.

Another wider view.

The WSTL tower.

The 1220 transmitter building with the new W229AN translator on it.

The tower and the new translator.

WSTL's new Nautel J1000 transmitter (Top)
and the W229AN transmitter (green-Bottom)

WSTL's backup transmitter.

WSTL's technical rack.

W235CN 94.9 Providence

The new 94.9 translator antenna near the top of the WHJY tower.

Another view of the new antenna.

The top half of the tower, with 94.1 / 95.5 on top, 94.9 FX , and 102.1 FX bottom.

A wider shot with 101.5's aux at the mid bottom section,

A cool shot of the two tower array for 1110 WPMZ,  with WHJY on the side.

And the two transmitter buildings.