City of license Salem, MA
Frequency (KHZ) 1230
File No. BL - 
Location (N-LAT) 42-31-6
Location (W-LON) 70-51-41
Location Naugus Ave, Marblehead
Pattern ND1
Daytime ERP 1000watts
Daytime Towers 1
Nighttime ERP
Nighttime TOWERS
Critical Hours ERP
Other Information WESX has been sold, and this
facility is likely to be removed
Thanks to James D. Asher for
his gracious hospitality
WESX's tower in Naugus Ave.
The WESX studios.
The "Antenna tuning unit" (ATU) behind the transmitter.
WESX's AM-1A Broadcast Electronics transmitter.
The tower feedpoint on the right and the double base insulator.
Looking up the middle of the WESX tower.