WRIE 1260 Erie

The 1260 array in much better weather. (This series taken September 2012)

The Cumulus Studios in Erie at the 1260 site

At the base of tower #2, the array was being worked on when I visited, and running ND into tower 4 at 25% power.

Looking back towards the studio building

Inside the ATU of one of the towers.

Inside the studio "cluster" here in Erie

The backup transmitter for 99.9 (which has a three bay on Tower #1), and the backup and main for 1260

The audio processor and FM exciter for the backup tx.

Tbe 1260 backup transmitter. (With a bunch of Pelican cases in front of it)

The main transmitter at 25% power for the array work

A closer view of the main transmitter.

Around the corner, in a small closet, sits the very unassuming AM Phasor.

Pictures below taken July 2010

WRIE's 4 tower inline array