WJDA 1300 Quincy
W260DS 99.9 Boston

Thanks to James D Asher for the gracious tour of this classic station. Unfortunatley the station was sold right before we got this tour and the new owners will most likely get
rid of these studios and the community service this station brings Quincy. I wish James the best in his "next life" out of broadcasting! The studio and transmitter pictures were
taken in January of 2003.

In August 2011, Hurricane Irene with tropical storm force winds knocked down the WJDA tower. WJDA operated from a temporary long wire until the tower was replaced.

WJDA's "new" tower in Quincy

The WJDA transmitter building and new tower

The bottom of the new tower.

A closer view of the tower and transmitter.

The older pictures of the tour are below here...

WJDA's BE AM-1A transmitter
WJDA's antenna tuning units.
Looking at the bottom of the WJDA tower.
Looking up WJDA's tower.
A wider view of the tower.
A view of the transmitter building. In high tide, this area is surrounded by water. Watch out for the mud!
Outside the WJDA studios with James Asher, Garrett Wollman, and Scott Fybush.
WJDA's tower was lit at one time, however a recent FAA ruling allows the tower to be unlit. Here is the beacon from 
that tower.

WJDA's main on air control studio.
While we were there, a live talk show was featuring a local high schools culinary program, where students got to
talk about their program and food they make at their local school. Local radio at it's best!
WJDA's news studio.
WJDA's control room equipment wall.
A front view of the main on air control board.