WRCA 1330 Watertown, MA
W291CZ 106.1 Boston, MA


Four of the five new towers

A view of all 5 towers, which isn't easy to photograph thanks to the trees.

Here, let me identify them for you.

The "renovated" transmitter building, construction trailer, and dumpster.

A look at one of the new dog houses at the bottom of the tower.

Inside the completed transmitter building.

WRCA's large phasor

WRCA;s BE 4MX25 transmitter. 


The OLD WRCA site. The towers are now demolished, unfortunatley.

WRCA's towers as they were in Waltham behind 750 South St.

One of the WRCA Tuning houses.

Another view of the towers.

A view from the nearby former studios of WCRB.