WNBH 1340 New Bedford 
W267CY 101.3 New Bedford

In 2014-2015 WCTK/WNBH where told they would need to relocate. The FM was
able to build a new tower adjacent to the current tower, however the AM relocated to 
this site next to St. Mary's Cemetery.

The 1340 tower, with Route 140 behind it.

The new ATU unit.

 The new transmitter building.

Another shot showing the guy wire and tower.

W267CY 101.3 New Bedford

The WCTK tower with the new translator mounted to it.

A little closer view. The translator is the 4 bay at the bottom

Looking up the tower.

The four bay Nicom closeup.

Another view.

Looking up at the Nicom antenna.

Older pictures below...

The WCTK/WNBH tower.

The WCTK/WNBH transmitter building.

WNBH's backup transmitter.

WNBH's primary transmitter.

The entire tower is setup to radiate, however the tower is too tall for WNBH, so the tower gets
detuned in this top section, using the detuning skirt.