WBRK 1340 Pittsfield

Pittsfield's oldest radio station. WBRK signed on February 20, 1938 on 1310 KHz.

Looking at the "new" tower which replaced the old series fed tower in 2001.

When the tower was replaced, so was the transmitter building. Can you guess which building houses the transmitter?

Looking up the tower.

A higher resolution shot up the side of the tower towards the top of the skirting system.

A shot of the bottom of the skirting system and the ATU.

Here is a view of the former transmitter building which sits over on Willard Place. (The enterance now sits on Grand Ave.)

This is the enterance to the old transmitter building. It's now privately owned (with some mean looking dogs guarding it too!)

Look carefully to the right to see the old transmitter building.



WBRK AM's tower with cell arrays mid way through.
Top of the AM Skirting System. 
Another view of the skirting system.
The bottom of the Skirting system (Look carefully for it.)

Below are pictures from 1999 when WBRK was still using its old series fed antenna system, long before the cellular rebuild.

Looking at the top of the old tower

Looking at the bottom of the old tower

The transmitter building, when it was still in use.

Look at how far the transmitter building was from the single tower

Looking up more of the tower.

A wider view of the base of the tower

Another view of the base.