WNRI 1380 Woonsocket.
W236CW 95.1 Woonsocket (CP 99.9)

The 1380-1240 tower in Woonsocket with 95.1 side mounted on it.

The antenna and studios.

The 95.1 4 bay antenna...

Another view of the 95.1 antenna.

The translator has a CP to move to 99.9, and is using this tower in Cumberland for the CP.

A tower.

99.9 is testing with this Yagi

But also has this Yagi to operate on.

A little wider view.

Older Pictures Below.


Look carefully to see two ATUs at the bottom of the tower one for 1240 and the other for 1380.

WNRI's studio building near the tower on Diamond Hill Road in Woonsocket.