City of license Brattleboro
Frequency (KHZ) 1450 KHz
File No. BL - 
Location (N-LAT) 42° 52' 13" 
Location (W-LON) 72° 33' 35"
Location Between Spring Tree Rd & Rte 5
Pattern ND1
Daytime ERP 1000 watts
Daytime Towers 1
Nighttime ERP
Nighttime TOWERS
Critical Hours ERP
Other Information
WTSA's all red colored tower.
Looking at the bottom of the tower raised on the platform.
WTSA's old transmitter trailier on Rte 5.
The former WTSA studios on Rte 9 in West Brattleboro.
WTSA's new transmitter shed.
Another transmitter building