WHLL 1450 Springfield, MA
W251CT 98.1 Springfield, MA

A 2019 look at the tower..

Looking at the top of the skirt.

The new 98.1 translator (right) and the 94.7 aux (left)

A semi closeup.

And closeup of the Scala Yagi antennas.

Older pictures below

Another view of the top of the skirting system.

Looking at the bottom of WMAS and the new skirting antenna.
Looking at the top of the skirting system
A wide view of the tower
WMAS's former studios and tower.
The front of the former WMAS studios.

The former  main AM studio, using the Scott systems playback.
The AM Primary transmitter. A Harris MW-1A
The AM processing.
Looking at the tuning house and the feed point to the skirting system
Looking at the primary (foreground) for the AM, and the FM primary in the rear
Looking up the 1934 Blaw-Knox tower.
If you look carefully you can see the skirting system on all sides of the corners of the tower.

Looking at the rear of the former studios on West St.in Springfield (The white building center).