WBMS 1460 Brockton, MA

In 2018, WBMS, formerly WXBR, relocated across the highway to this site.

The new WBMS AM tower

The skirt top.

Looking up the tower.

Looking up the tower at the skirt top and translator.

Looking directly up!

The transmitter building.

The new Nautel XR6 primary transmitter.

The backup Armstrong transmitter.

Engineer Frank and the equipment racks.

The 101.3 translator

The ERI antenna closeup.

A little wider view.

Another view.

The new translator transmitter and the FM and AM processors.

Another view.

Older pictures below.

WXBR's two towers.

Another view of the two towers.

The old 97.7 antenna.

The two towers (better picture) Courtesy Jeff Lehmann.

The bottom of the WXBR tower with the FM antenna on it. Courtesy Jeff Lehmann.